Spring Breakers be wary of varying speed limits

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Spring breakers traveling to South Padre Island during Texas Week should beware of speed limits in neighboring cities as they make their way to paradise.

Speed limits on the way to the Island from State Highway 100 change so many times, breakers should focus on the road and set the fun aside until they’re on Island beaches.

Coming off Highway 100 near Los Fresnos, motorists should be driving no more than 60 mph. Once getting closer into the city of Los Fresnos, the speed limit drops to 55 mph, then once entering city limits it drops again to 45 mph. When in the city, the speed limit reaches 30 mph and stays steady until leaving Los Fresnos, which will be 45 mph.

After leaving the city, the speed limit goes back up to 55 and will eventually hit 65 going toward Port Isabel.

Going toward Port Isabel, the speed limit will change to 45 mph once in Laguna Heights. From there it will change to 35 mph as you reach the Port Isabel High School before changing again to 45 mph.

After that, the speed limit will go up to 55 mph as you keep heading toward the Island.

It will again go back down to 45 mph once entering downtown Port Isabel. While driving through the main street, the limit will go down to 30 mph where it remains steady until reaching the Queen Isabella Causeway.

On the causeway, the speed limit is 45 mph and reaches as high as 55 mph, but may vary due to the amount of traffic going through to the Island.

In South Padre Island, the speed limit is a steady 30 mph throughout most of the city, with the exception of Retama Street, where it’s 40 mph. There it will remain until reaching the SPI Convention Centre, where it’s 50 mph throughout the rest of the Island.

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