Have fun during Spring Break, but don’t break the law

South Padre Parade

South Padre Island police, assisted by authorities from area communities such as the Cameron County Emergency Management Department, neighboring EMS and law enforcement officers will be out in full force this Spring Break, ramping up patrol and providing immediate medical assistance where needed.

To begin, the SPI police department has upped manpower by calling on more part-time officers from outside agencies who have worked with the city in the past as well as recent police academy graduates to help maintain order.

Three mobile “lifeguard stands” or observation towers are also strategically placed throughout the city limits where large crowds gather.

Then there’s the traffic. As it has been the case in the past, police will be using the traditional cones, signs as well as employing traditional manpower around the CVS Pharmacy area to alleviate traffic congestion on Gulf Boulevard.

Addressing a problem in past years, authorities confirmed that motorists traveling southbound on Padre Boulevard who are wishing to pass the bridge can identify their intentions to the traffic officer (use your blinker) so that motorists can be waved through and avoid being swept onto the causeway.

Contrary to rumors, there will be no checkpoints at the bridge. However, police have confirmed that “strike teams” dressed in street clothes will be patrolling the Island in search of violators of the law.

Other emergency authorities said Coca-Cola Beach will have a 16-bed, self-contained first aid tent on site.

Moreover, there will be a mobile substation headquartered at the SPI Welcome Center Board Room located across the foot of the bridge on the south side of the Island.

Emergency air care is stationing its helicopter closer to the Island, possibly in Laguna Vista should the need arise.

Beach Patrol will also be in affect beginning this weekend within the city limits as five ambulances will be on the Island at any given time during Spring Break.

There are at least 15-20 major events planned on the Island during March 10-16, Spring Break’s Texas Week, for over 10,000 students expected here. Acknowledging as much, Mary K. Hancock, SPI Special Events Manager said that she is in contact with promoters in the event of an emergency or weather event.

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