Skrillex headlining UME at Schlitterbahn

Special to the Parade

Three-time Grammy award winning dubstep artist Skrillex will be performing at Schlitterbahn Beach Waterpark on South Padre Island for the second annual Ultimate Music Experience (UME).

UME is a three-day event that begins Thursday, March 15 and ends Saturday, March 17. Headlining the show is Skrillex, one of the hottest names in music right now. He helped popularize the genre known as “dubstep” in the US.

Everything from his aggressive, “growl” bass sound to his floor-thumping beats have earned him recognition from music lovers and big-name artists, such as the Doors and KoRn alike.

DJ Tiesto, who has performed to record crowds at Schlitterbahn twice in the past, and Avicii, a dance music producer who is quickly gaining popularity in the scene will also be performing.

Here is the UME schedule of events:

Day 1 – Thursday, March 15 – DJ Tiesto

Day 2 – Friday, March 16 – Tim Berg, aka Avicii.

Day 3 – Saturday, March 17 – Skrillex

For tickets, call (855) 2-FLAVOR (352867) toll free.

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