Trailer fire under investigation

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The trailer fire that took place Saturday March 03, 2012 is still under investigation, and according to Rodrigo Garcia, City of Port Isabel Fire Marshall, “we are still investigating the situation, but I can say that this is not a suspicious fire.” Every investigation is different…it all depends on how much evidence we have, and how big the fire is.”

The trailer was a total loss, according to Garcia, and along with adjacent exposures, the automobile near the trailer experienced radiating heat—and has since been removed. The trailer fire did cause some damage to neighboring properties, and as Garcia explained, “ we did have some radiation heat damage to the siding of a neighboring trailer to the East, but that trailer is indeed still habitable.”

Along with the siding damage to the East of the trailer fire, a shed to the West of the trailer was 80 percent damage/demolished due to the fire.

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