Cover Girl of the Week: Simply Nancy… And So Much More

Nancy Lerma3

South Padre Parade

Nancy Lerma4Top o’ the morning to ya ladies and gents. We certainly hope you like our little leprechaun, Nancy Lerma. We found her trying to hide her pot o’ gold at Kelly’s on SPI early one Saturday morning and she’s been our Lucky Charm ever since.

Seriously though, Nancy proved to be nothing like we expected. It might be hard to believe, but this single mother and University of Texas-Brownsville alum who works at the Keppel Amfels’ business department and models for such products as Black Iguana in her spare time, was more charming and pleasant to be around than an Irishman on St. Pat’s Day.

Nancy Lerma2Soft spoken, demure and confident around the camera, Lerma may look like a Lioness ready to strike at her prey, but “in real life,” she’s about as lady-like as a lady can get with the smarts and confidence to back up her looks.

Lerma has been modeling since she was 14, so it’s little wonder why she has such command of the camera. But while this “in demand” cover model loves working the camera, her long term goals have her delving into more altruistic endeavours as she aspires to return to the university in a quest for a Master’s Degree which would possibly land her in an environment working in an educational setting around children.

Nancy Lerma1So, let’s see: she’s smart, hardworking, loves kids, pleasant to be around, humble, single, likes to have fun…and oh, yeah she’s amazingly attractive. Okay, so maybe she’s not from the planet you and I live on, but that hasn’t stopped Nancy from sharing her world with those she cares about.

So here she is folks; Brownsville’s own Nancy Lerma, once again proving that the Valley has some of the most beautiful scenery on earth.

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