35 and Alive! Sea Turtle Inc. sees three decades of success

Turtle Days2

Seen here are multiple scenes from Sea Turtle, Inc. Top, Environmental Educator David Cromwell handles a sea turtle named Allison. Left, volunteers officially open the 2012 nesting season with a flag raising ceremony at the Welcome Center last week. Below Curator Jeff George and Volunteer Ann Arendarcyk are among those hard at work at the facility.

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Turtle Days1What a difference a year makes.

Last winter, the Valley suffered a freeze that put a strain on the local wildlife population, sea turtles included. To this day, Sea Turtle Inc., located on South Padre Island, is nursing some of those younger turtle that were caught in the freeze.

Turtle Days3As one volunteer put it, “There was no winter,” referring to the mild winter of 2011-12. Partly due to the mild temperatures this year, turtle nesting season sprung up on the staff and volunteers at Sea Turtle Inc. (STI) a few weeks earlier than what was expected. Last week, four sea turtle nests were found on South Padre Island beaches, which means 2012 could be a record-setting year for local sea turtle hatchlings, as April and May is typically when female sea turtles swim ashore to lay approximately 100 eggs before heading back to sea.

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