Yvette Clarke: Outside her comfort zone

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South Padre Parade

cover model1“Serious.”

That was the word Yvette Clarke used when asked by the South Padre Parade to describe herself.

“Serious? Really?” we replied. It took us a few moments to think about it, and say, “Yeah, guess you’re right.”

Still, after we got to know her, “serious” wasn’t the first word that came to mind when describing Yvette. Funny, maybe; quirky, definitely, but serious, well, we had to think about it for bit before we finally gave in and agreed.

In actuality, it’s Yvette’s “seriousness” or cover model3attempts to be serious that gives her, her appeal. On the day we met up with Yvette, for example, she was trying to take the photo shoot “serious” or at least she was trying to be professional amongst “professionals” (that’s us, by the way). But she soon found that we don’t “roll” that way. After all, this is South Padre Island, and the Island is all about having fun; “Being Yourself,” as the Island’s official motto goes.

But what we would come to discover was that while we’ve done dozens upon dozens of these shoots, for Yvette, this opportunity fulfilled a lifelong goal to model in front of a camera and have her photo plastered on a magazine cover. “I’ve always wanted to be a model,” she said. “But I never had anyone around me that knew how to put me out there and point me in that direction when I was younger.”

cover model4A full-time mother and past high school athletic standout, focus and dedication have long been Yvette’s trademarks, and when it comes to maintaining her health and body, Yvette, 35, says she only hits the gym twice a week and let’s her extremely active lifestyle determine the rest. “I’ve always loved sports and I still like playing beach volleyball, bowling and just playing around with the kids and I watch what I eat.”

cover model5And while spending two days a week at the gym may not seem like that much, Yvette stressed that it’s not the amount of time at the gym that matters but how you spend that time. “I hit the gym hard,” she said. “I do a lot of cardio and circuit training. It’s grueling.”

Back at the shoot, Yvette, cover model6looked relatively at ease in front of the camera, and on a kayak, and her over examination of herself and self-deprecating manner caused everyone around her to laugh and feel at ease. But what we would latter find out through this interview was that stepping in front of the camera was stepping way outside the comfort zone for this otherwise “serious” woman.

Yvette, who’s currently in a steady relationship with a military man, said her “likes” include traveling and enjoying the outdoors and lists Indiana and Louisiana as some of her favorite places to travel in the United States. But in the end, Yvette says her world revolves around her children who take after their mom and are highly active in sports, adding that her tots have trophy cases of their own to brag about.

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