The Parade has all that’s hot and happening this week!

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Dear Readers,

Creed, Coheed, the Ladies Kingfish Tournament, Music in the Park, Elvis Fest and so much more are on tap as the Parade is set to break down what’s hot and happening (speaking of which, check out this week’s Hot Happenings!).

Another great source of reading material awaits within these pages as everything you need to know about music, art and entertainment events are featured in this week’s edition.

Also featured are interesting new entries to the Beach Bar Beat, Rockin’ Restaurant Review, It’s Your Business, The Wellness Choice, Great Outdoors and the Nature Niche.

In addition, make sure to check out our photos from last week’s Texas International Fishing Tournament. It was definitely one of the more memorable TIFT competitions. Happy reading!

For the full issue, click here!

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