Anderson donates work to SPI Art Space

Lynne Anderson (right) recently donated some of her work to SPI Art Space. (Staff photo by Craig Alaniz)

Lynne Anderson (right) recently donated some of her work to SPI Art Space. (Staff photo by Craig Alaniz)


A master artist donated her work to Art Space on South Padre Island.

Lynne Anderson from Paonia, Colorado said she specializes in clay and glaze. One piece she donated was done using the Raku style glazing technique.

“Raku is really special, mostly because it is always unique depending on the situation,” Anderson said.

Raku has its roots in Japan and is connected with the Japanese Tea Ceremony.

Raku ware is fired outdoors and is removed from the kiln when it is red-hot. The piece is quickly placed in a chamber with various combustible materials, following an immediate burn, the chamber is capped creating an oxygen reduced atmosphere and produces extraordinary, one of a kind results.

Anderson said there are consistent elements in her work which have their roots in the desert southwest; its landscape, wildlife and imagery. She said she has studied and drawn endless inspiration from the pictographs and petro glyphs left behind on rock and cave walls by more ancient peoples who inhabited them.

Anderson said she made her way to South Padre Island because she used to visit the island while vacationing with her parents.

“It is a great place to meet with family and Art Space is doing a great job promoting art in the area,” Anderson said.

Anderson’s work has been featured in galleries in Colorado. She said she was proud to create the trophies for the National Bison Trophy Awards.

Anderson said she enjoyed her stay on South Padre Island so much that her and her husband will be returning next year and staying through winter. She said she is excited to start teaching Raku to students on the Island.

“Raku isn’t something you can do anywhere, but we will be having classes as soon as we can,” Anderson said.

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  1. Be sure to check out our upcoming classes offered at Art Space at

    The coiled vase will be raffled off at Art Space – details soon. The raku piece is for sale at Art Space. Both are on display.

    You can now book online at Art Space for classes and we also take credit cards.

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