Film festival kicks off Tuesday at Island Cinema

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film festivalAn intriguing film festival is being launched on Padre Island by the El Paseo Arts Foundation (EPAF) on Tuesday.

It will feature films made by and in developing and third world countries as much for their own audiences as for other countries. These are award winning new releases discovered recently by the Global Lens organization of San Francisco at prestigious film festivals around the world.

All are in their countries’ native languages with English sub-titles.

The festival kicks off at 7 p.m. Tuesday, January 8, at Island Cinema, located at 4700 Padre Blvd. at South Padre Island, with Sergio Tubal’s The Finger (93 minutes). This 2011 film from Argentina is a gentle political satire with a delightfully managed story line and a nice sense of the absurd portraying a contested first time election for a mayor with familiar campaign tricks and characters as found only in versions native to a remote pueblo of Argentina’s pampas. Showings of the next four will follow every other Tuesday from January 22 to March 5.

After each showing there will be a gathering with light refreshments. Audience members can discuss the film and will be invited to rate its most interesting features for a final report on the films and the festival.

EPAF gained permission for the use of the Island Cinema for the one-time showing of each film. A second series of five more new films will be scheduled later in the year.

In only eight years since inception. Global Lens has won major response and growing audiences in the U.S. for the nearly 80 films already shown here. Their origins are such exotic places as Algeria, Iran, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Ecuador, Angola, Indonesia, India, Viet Nam, Serbia, China and South Africa to name only a few. Their plots cover the full range of human desire and emotion. Each film is selected for its authentic voice, strong cinematics and unique cultural perspective.

Over almost the same period, EPAF has developed its growing program of live theatre, dance, music, paintings and other arts offerings to present in the communities surrounding the Laguna Madre. Its officers and sponsors are especially proud to add distinctive foreign films to the list.

For more information, visit Tickets will be available in advance from EPAF’s usual supporters and at the Cinema box office.

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