Lapeyre seeks plea deal


gavelA plea deal has been worked out for a fatal DWI case that happened on South Padre Island in February 2011. Darla Lapeyre is expected to plead guilty to negligent homicide in March.

Jimmie Anklam, a tourist from Michigan visiting South Padre Island in 2011 when his motorcycle was hit by a vehicle with an alleged drunk driver, he later passed at Valley Baptist Medical Center in Harlingen.

Trisha Majumdar, daughter of Anklam, said she was informed of the plea deal through an email sent by the Assistant District Attorney and confirmed it with the District Attorney with a phone call. She said with the plea the case will not go to trial.

Majumdar said the charges were originally for intoxication manslaughter when her father passed away, but were lowered for no specific reason. She said the deal is a much lesser charge that will not require jail time.

“I am outraged at the lack of justice,” Majumdar said.

Majumdar said sentencing is scheduled for the end of March. She said her family may take the case to civil court.

“This accident has devastated my family – my sister was married this year and I had a baby girl – both of which my dad missed. However, Ms. Lapeyre goes about her life as if nothing as if nothing has happened,” Majumdar said.

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