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PI-SP powerliftingPort Isabel High powerlifter Wynona Garza is competing in the Women’s State Powerlifting Meet on Friday, March 15 in Corpus Christi. The weigh-in was yesterday and competition was scheduled to begin at 9 a.m.

Garza is feeling confidant and ready to go, as she told the PRESS in the weight room Monday morning. “I feel good and I feel like I’ve gotten stronger,” Garza said.

Garza talked about the three different lifts and how she’s been doing on each one; “I’ve been going up on my squat and dead lift. I’m not that strong on my bench press.”

Garza had track practice earlier that morning and arrived at the weight room a little after 10 a.m. “With the squat and the dead lift it’s mostly the legs,” she said. “You have to have power in the legs. On the squat the arms don’t really do anything.”

In any powerlifting competition the squat lift is always first, followed by the bench press and finally the dead lift. For the squat lift the lifter raises the loaded bar off the rack on his or her shoulders and steps backward. The athlete must then lower herself to a position in which her thighs are parallel to the floor, then straighten back up and replace the bar on the rack. For the bench press the lifter is on her back on the bench and holds the bar with arms extended straight up. She must lower the bar to her chest, then raise it back up and replace it on the rack. In the dead lift all that is necessary is to lift the loaded bar off the floor until the knees are locked. At no time during any attempt may the feet move, not even a little bit, or the lift is disallowed.

Garza’s personal best in the total lift is 660 pounds, which she set at the regional meet in Kingsville two weeks ago. She did it with best lifts of 255 in the squat, 110 on the bench, and 295 on the dead lift.

“On the squat I want to get close to 300…285, 295. My personal best is 255. On the bench I want to get to 125. And on the dead lift I want to get up to 315, 310…around there.”

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