Johnny B.

Johnny B.

South Padre Parade

This week’s edition of Beach Bar Beat takes us to Pier 19, where the only thing they overlook is the water.

Few places on the Island are good to have a drink at any point of the day. At Pier 19, you’ll find arguably the best Bloody Mary on the Island and $2 peach Bellini or mimosa.

This week’s bartender is sure to know how to enhance your Island experience.

Name: Johnny B.

Specialty drink: I got a bunch of them. They are mostly tropical to compliment the Island, but I got over 60 of my own recipes that are all unique.

Bartending experience: I have got at least 40 years of experience, but as soon as it becomes work, I am going to have to quit.

What do you enjoy about bartending on South Padre Island: Meeting people from all over the country and world – it is the best.

How do you approach a belligerent customer: It depends on the situation. Sometimes you get loud other times you just let them know, but it depends on the situation.

Why Pier 19: It is a unique place, the food is fantastic. It is a great place to come relax and have some drinks with the family.

What is a good bar tune: It depends on the bar, down here reggae is good and other laid back type tunes, but anything that gets the people going will work.

Favorite bartender in movie or television: I don’t watch much TV, but maybe Tom Cruise in the movie where he wasted more liquor than he used. “Cocktail” I think was the name of the movie.

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After summer, bartenders featured in the Beach Bar Beat will be rounded up to compete to be this year’s champion. To participate, you can vote for your favorite in the second annual South Padre Parade’s Beach Bartender Competition.

Feel free to join me for a drink when you see me working the Beach Bar Beat. It is a tough job, but someone has to do it.

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