BREAKING: Lapeyre suspended as EDC director

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Darla Lapeyre

Darla Lapeyre

One week after Darla Lapeyre was sentenced to six months in jail at a state facility for negligent homicide, board members of the City of South Padre Island Economic Development Corporation moved to suspend her as the entity’s executive director.

After discussing the matter in executive session on Thursday, the board decided to suspend Lapeyre without pay until a complete board is available to visit the situation.

It was also agreed to have an administrative assistant from the city to take over day-to-day operations, such as managing email, posting agendas, taking minutes and answering telephone inquiries in the absence of the EDC director.

Lapeyre pled guilty to negligent homicide and was sentenced on March 21; the charge stems from a Feb. 6, 2011 incident in which the vehicle she was driving struck and killed Michigan native, 63-year-old Jimmie Leonard Anklam, who was riding on Padre Blvd. on his motorcycle with his wife Christine.

As previously reported, Lapeyre was also ordered to pay restitution to the family, a $5,000 fine, $100 donation to Mothers Against Drunk Drivers and to donate her time to a MADD victim’s panel upon her release as well as community service.

In addition to six months and jail and five years probation, Lapeyre was also ordered to pay court costs within 90 days and probation fees of $60 a month during the term of her probation. A restitution hearing will be set for May 2. The $5,000 fine must be paid over 60 months, and a set fee of $400 to be paid over eight months. She must also participate in a surveillance program for 12 months followed by participation in the Intensive Supervision Program (ISP) for 12 months and seek drug and alcohol abuse counseling and random urine analyses, which will be required for every visit with the probation officer.

Furthermore, Lapeyre is required to bring $5 for the probation department and submit to a breathalyzer test, attend a 30-hour DWI education program, install an engine lock device in her vehicle, refer to a MADD victim’s panel, and submit to 250 hours of community service. What’s more, Lapeyre cannot consume any alcohol for the next five years.

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