IT’S YOUR BUSINESS: Olympian Fitness upgrades, retains intimate setting

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IYB-Olympian Fitness pic2-4-25-13Olympian Fitness in Port Isabel has recently completed renovations to their facility, adding an impressive weights area and updated equipment.

Peter Caceres, co-owner and former Olympian, and Deissy Moreno, co-owner and decorated marathoner/triathlete said they believe fitness is important for everyone, on many levels.

“Our variety of classes and services are designed to reach every member personally,” Caceres said. “Whether you are a first time exerciser, or a seasoned fitness participant, we aim to make you feel at home in our facility.”

Members like to call Olympian Fitness a “fitness community” because they touch so many aspects of their lives, Caceres said. The focus on overall health and wellness keeps members centered and determined.

The Taekwondo classes at Olympian Fitness are considered the premier of the Valley, with 13 national qualifiers and 10 state champions.

Other classes at Olympian Fitness include Zumba, women’s weight training, running and walking clubs, senior classes and more.

Caceres said the intimate setting at Olympian Fitness allows people to keep a personal environment in an industry where individual attention is rare.

“At Olympian Fitness we do what we love and love what we do,” Caceres said. “Our studio focuses on personalized attention to all members regardless of the class that they are taking or the training that they are receiving.”

The nutrition center at Olympian Fitness has supplements and advice to maximize results. Caceres also formulates his own brand of supplements – Xoom, which is locally produced and distributed from Olympian Fitness.

Olympian Fitness is located 105 E. Maxan St. in Port Isabel; hours of operation are 6 a.m. until 9 p.m. Monday through Friday and 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. on weekends. For more information, call (956) 346-2843.

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