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BBB pic-5-16-13Frothy Guinness, familiar faces and great food is home at Kelly’s Irish Pub on the corner of Morningside and Padre Boulevard at South Padre Island.

Besides a steady pour from the bar’s unique row of microbrews on tap, the full bar also offers $3.00 Jager, Goldschlager, Tuaca, Cinnamon Whisky and Rumpelmintz shots every day, all day.

Happy hour specials are from 12 noon to 7 p.m. The pub is a non-smoking establishment proud of quality and comfortable dining of traditional Irish dishes and appetizers lining the menu. Bartender Chris Brotzman can tell you, “It’s where everybody knows your name.”

Name: Chris Brotzman

Where are you from? “Sterling, Colorado originally; I moved to South Padre in 2001, met my wife here and married her in 2011.”

How long have you been bartending? “I started bartending when I was 17 at my parents’ restaurant in Colorado. I studied hotel and restaurant management in college and kept bartending as a good gig.”

Where else have you bartended on the Island? “Louie’s.”

Why do you like working at Kelly’s? “I like Kelly’s because a lot of my friends hang out here. It’s kind of what makes it fun. It’s like the bar from Cheers.”

Kelly’s has two flat screens in the bar. What is usually on? “We always try and keep sports on. We watch the seasonal sports, but also mix it up with surfing and other things that are on.”

What kind of sports are you into? “My wife and I just took a trip to Belize and enjoyed scuba diving there. Otherwise, I’m a diehard Denver Broncos fan and I like fishing too.”

The word is the Fish and Chips are awesome here, what are a few other popular dishes at Kelly’s? “The Shepherd’s Pie, Bangers and Mash and the Reuben are the most popular dishes. Kelly’s is a place to get a hearty, home-cooked meal and it’s one of the few places that serve a unique cuisine on the Island.”

Besides being a great spot to eat, what makes the locals come here? “We all know each other and we have great parties here – some of them themed, others a regular event and many very random.”

What are the themed parties here? “Well, the Kelly’s crew decided to do a themed party here at least once every two months. The last one we had was a lot of fun. It was themed, “Duck Dynasty” after the TV show about hillbillies and duck calling. We also had an 80s themed prom that was pretty hilarious as well.”

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