Incumbents unseated in Port Isabel, Laguna Vista and PIISD races

Port Isabel-South Padre Press


Several dozen people gathered outside Port Isabel City Hall Saturday evening as the polls were set to close. Standing on the steps in front of the plate glass doors where the election results would be posted were several Port Isabel police officers, quietly standing guard should anything untoward happen.

As 7 p.m. came and went, the crowd grew restless, peering into windows to see if the count had finally been completed. Both incumbent Guillermo “Memo” Torres and challenger Jeffery Martinez waited surrounded by supporters.

Suddenly, a woman came to the door and taped a single sheet of paper onto the clear glass. People crowded around the railing in front of the door in quick silence before the crowd erupted into cheers, throwing their hands up while laughing, smiling and congratulating each other.

Martinez had defeated Torres with more than two-thirds of the vote. With smiles on both their faces, Martinez exchanged a handshake with Commissioner Juan Jose “J.J.” Zamora before continuing on to accept more congratulations from well-wishers.

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