Ladies Are Ready for Some Football

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All right football fans, once again it’s time for spring football, and we’re not talking about the kind played annually at schools like Notre Dame and Texas A&M.

Two years ago the first Port Isabel High powderpuff football game was played at Tarpon Stadium.  It was the juniors against the seniors and the seniors won.  The game was played again last year about this time, and it officially became a tradition.  The seniors won again, 8-0.  This year’s game is scheduled for next Wednesday evening.

So will the third time be a charm for the juniors? Your Press spring football reporter showed up at Tarpon Gym this Wednesday and, while the senior class picture was being taken, talked to a few of the junior class players out in the hallway.  They were confident and not at  all shy about their chances of getting the first win for the junior class in this game.

“I’m the center,” Natalie Salinas said.  “I’m going to be the one tossing the ball to the person behind me, the quarterback.  Everyone’s going to try super-hard to play, because we really want to dominate the seniors.  We want to be able to say, ‘Oh, the juniors finally did it.’”

Tanya Barbarena said, “I think the chances are pretty big because we have a lot of fast, athletic girls.”

Natasha Ramirez had this Joe Namath-like prediction; “We’ll win.  I guarantee the juniors are going to win!”

While the Press was interviewing Alex Martinez, varsity girls’ basketball coach Blake Ramsey happened by and offered his two-cents worth; “My bet’s on the seniors and you can publish that.  Coach Ramsey, senior Government and Economics teacher (Alex, ‘..doesn’t belong here!’) is rooting for the seniors.”

“Oh, we’re going to win,” Alex continued after Coach Ramsey went into the gym.  “Put all your money on the juniors.”

When they finished having their pictures taken, some of the senior players offered their thoughts and opinions on the upcoming contest.

“My knee is healing fast, and I think I’ll be able to play,” senior Gabby Torres said.  “For sure I want to play because I didn’t get to play last year.  It’s a lot of fun to go out and play because we don’t normally get to play football.  I’ll probably be a receiver so I can stay away from everybody and not hurt my knee again.”

Torres looks much better this week and was walking normally without crutches.

When asked about the game strategy Averie Colunga said, “(We won’t) let them touch the ball, and as soon as they throw it, intercept it.”

Kelcie Swink said that she’ll be one of the quarterbacks; “We have a few passing plays and a strong running game, and we’ve got a game plan.”

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