Laguna Madre election results

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Listed below are the unofficial results for the City of Port Isabel, Town of Laguna Vista, and Point Isabel Independent School District elections. Canvassing of votes will occur later this week.

Incumbent candidates are indicated with “(I).” Race winner tally numbers are shown in green.

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Port Isabel City Commission

Place 3

Martin C. Cantu (I)

Early voting:

Pct. 1: 206

Pct. 59: 11

Pct. 83: 145

Early voting total: 362

Election Day: 

Pct. 1: 70

Pct. 59: 3

Pct. 83: 55

Election Day total: 128

Grand total: 490


Place 4

Jeffery David Martinez

Early voting:

Pct. 1: 229

Pct. 59: 13

Pct. 83: 141

Early voting total: 383

Election Day: 

Pct. 1: 70

Pct. 59: 2

Pct. 83: 48

Election Day total: 120

Grand total: 503

Place 4

Guillermo “Memo” Torres (I)

Early voting:

Pct. 1: 95

Pct. 59: 2

Pct. 83: 70

Early voting total: 167

Election Day: 

Pct. 1: 31

Pct. 59: 2

Pct. 83: 30

Election Day total: 63

Grand total: 230


Laguna Vista Town Council

Place 4

Jessica Hedrick


Leti Keplinger (I)


Place 5

Gary Meschi (I)


Place 6

Nadine Smith


Richard Hinojosa (I)




Point Isabel Independent School District Board of Trustees

Trustee, Place 1

Bertha Zamora (I)


Trustee, Place 2

Rene A. Valdez (I)


Alicia Baldovinos


Jimmy Vela




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1 comment

    • justanolddog on May 11, 2015 at 6:44 am
    • Reply

    A big thanks to the PRESS for having the results Saturday night.

    Also a big congratulations to all those elected. This was a huge Anti-Vega statement by the voters in the Laguna Madre area. It showed the Vegas do not have the political clout that they had when Eliseo was alive and it also showed that the children, Joe and Olga, are not in the same league as their dad was. Don’t even bother running next year, you all aren’t going to win

    It’s time for the City of Port Isabel to move forward, quit spending money they don’t have, and rid themselves of the money grabbing attorney.

    It’s time for the school district to put the children first, get rid of overstaffed administrators (really, 3 counselors at the high school?), hire the best qualified for the job (not necessarily hometown people), and make the administrators act and look professional. You have a lot of teachers not dressing professionally. Appearance is everything.

    Good luck to those newly elected officials, Jeffrey Martinez and Jimmy Vela,

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