Letters to the Editor for 9/10/2015

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Dear Editor,

Cameron County Commissioners ask for Tax Increase to support LNG Tax Abatement?

The Cameron County Commissioners are slated to vote on a tax increase for its residents while considering tax abatement to Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) companies that are Limited Liability Corporations (LLCs).  On Thursday, September 10, in Brownsville, the commissioners are mulling a 10 year tax abatement for Annova LLC to attract the company to build its export terminal on the Brownsville Ship Channel. Downwind from the LNG emissions will be the towns and schools of Pt. Isabel, Laguna Vista, and South Padre Island (SPI).

Why are we residents being asked to support billion dollar corporations when our county is one of the poorest in Texas?

There is Opposition to the LNG plants and terminals by the local area towns of Pt. Isabel, Laguna Vista, South Padre Island, SPI Business Owners Association, and the Laguna Madre Water District.  All of these entities have adopted resolutions against the LNG companies to locate here due to numerous concerns.  All of these entities have posted their official opposition on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) website citing concerns of health, safety, economics, and environment – to name only a few.

Let’s hope that the Cameron County Commissioners Court listen to their local constituents’ concerns and vote for what the LNG companies have requested in the city council meetings of Pt. Isabel, Laguna Vista, and SPI.  Table the tax abatement request from Annova LNG LLC. until AFTER the Economic Impact Statement (EIS) has been completed in 1-2 years.  At that later time, the commissioners will know if LNG is a heavy industry to be considered for our “green field” area or is a disaster waiting to happen.


Diane and Rick Teter

Laguna Vista


Cameron County Commissioner:

The LNG energy corporations will profit at the expense of the current local economies.  These companies plan to wreck our “paradise” of Laguna Madre.  If you doubt this, visit Port Arthur or Corpus Christi or Galveston or Houston to see for yourself the industrial fossil fuel refinery wastelands we are being asked to accept.

The LNG companies are like Pied Pipers trying to lead the unwary RGV populace over the cliffs like lemmings to the tune of our wildlife and ecological destruction so they can profit at the expense of the existing local, tax-paying, eco-tourism based businesses of the Laguna Madre, which are being offered as sacrifices upon the altar of corporate greed.

We should Not be trying to entice these gigantic corporate LNG polluters who will poison our Laguna Madre area with any tax abatements. That sends the Wrong message by saying that Pollutions Pays in Cameron County, no matter the Cost to the local populace.

Please vote NO to LNG tax abatements!

Thanks !

Rick Teter

Laguna Vista

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