Silver Tarpon Band Looks Forward to Contests

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The Port Isabel High Silver Tarpon Marching Band is working hard to learn the rest of their new show, and not just to put on a good performance on Friday nights at the football games.  The band is also preparing for next month’s marching contests, which will take place on consecutive Saturdays starting Oct. 3.

Band members and directors alike are all happy to report that last Friday’s halftime show at the Rio Grande City game was world’s better than the season-opening performance at home the night of the Grulla game on August 28.

“We did  terrible the week before,” band member and frontal ensemble player Freddy Cimermancic told the Press this week.  “This week was a major improvement.  It was just the dedication and hard work the kids put in all week.”

“It was night-and-day different,” head Port Isabel director of bands Scott Hartsfield said Wednesday.  “It wasn’t the same band.”

Hartsfield discussed the difference between performing at home and on the road.   “What I’ve noticed over the years is that if we have an away game for the first game, we always have a better performance.  I think … the kids don’t feel as much pressure because they’re performing for people they don’t know.  But anytime it’s a home performance for the first one – they see all those people up there (on the home side), and they get timid.”

So far in this 2015 marching/football season Silver Tarpon Band followers have yet to see the entire show on the field on Friday nights, and it’s going to take another week to get it there.  “It’s all starting to come together,” Hartsfield said.  “We have one more part to put on the field, Part III, and we’ll probably start putting that on next week.”

That will be at halftime of the home game against Valleyview on Friday, Sept. 18.

The first marching contest of the season will take place at Rio Hondo on Saturday, Oct. 3.  That would be the annual Deep River Marching Contest.  It’s on the schedule and the band will, in all probability, compete in that one, but it’s not a certainty.

“I’m a true believer (in that) I don’t want to put them in a contest situation when they’re not ready,” Hartsfield told the Press.  “So, the Oct. 3rd contest – we’re always set to go to it.  Sometimes we do and sometimes we don’t.”

Weather can be a deciding factor and rain has somewhat limited outdoor practice time lately.  “Weather hasn’t been helping us out much here.  Last week we had a lot of rain going on, and we’re supposed to be getting rain off and on throughout this week.  So we’re just trying to push to get stuff on this week.”

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