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The public is invited to attend a meeting in Laguna Vista to hear the latest information on the new Texas Open Carry law which becomes effective Jan. 1.

Laguna Vista Police Chief Tony David is hosting an informational meeting to answer citizen questions about this new law on Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2015 at 5:30 p.m. in the Laguna Vista City Hall Meeting Room at 122 Fernandez Street.

The new legislation allows the carrying of any handgun openly, or concealed, as long as the individual is licensed by Texas or a state with reciprocity. By law, the handgun must be carried in a “shoulder or belt holster.” Long arms do not require a license, according to officials.

However, there are limitations to the law. No, a person convicted of certain crimes cannot carry a firearm, and minors under 18 years old cannot openly carry without a parent present.

Also, open carry at universities and colleges has certain stipulations.

There are no residency restrictions for out-of-state residents to legally open carry as long as the individual possess a handgun license.

The Open Carry law will allow a license holder to “open carry” a holstered handgun, and the law makes no distinction between a loaded and an unloaded firearm. However for safety purposes, it is recommended that every firearm be treated as if it were loaded, officials say.

There is no additional training for open carry. The new training will be added to the concealed handgun  classes as mandated by the law for those required to take the class. No additional training is required for current CHL holders.

Chief David’s presentation will include answering questions from audience members.

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