Silver Tarpon Band to Rio Hondo for First Contest

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The 2016 marching contest season is at hand, and the Port Isabel High Silver Tarpon Marching Band is off to Rio Hondo this Saturday for their first contest appearance of the year.

The Press found head director of bands, Scott Hartsfield, in his office recently, where he talked about the readiness of the band and why contests are important.

“I think, drill-wise, with what’s on the field, we’re a little bit ahead of schedule,” Hartsfield said.

The props are still not all ready or they’re not here yet, Hartsfield reported.  “We’re behind schedule … the amount of props that need to be put in, because it’s more involved than any show we’ve had.  In previous years it was easier to get it in because it was less stuff.  All of our stages are in – we’re trying to get all that worked out.  There are a lot of things to get ironed out.”

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