Letter to the Editor for 11-17-2016

Special to the PRESS

Dear Editor,

The system has been exposed for both parties. We had two choices; the Neoliberal or the Neofascist. We have the neofascist for the leader of the “free world.”

What we can learn from this elections is that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) here in the Valley will have to change leadership completely because they follow the same mode of operation that the National DNC does. When we moved here, we had to ask who was our Democratic Precinct Chair in our precinct. After several calls we met with this individual and she was supposed to let us know of upcoming meetings; that never happened and I had to believe what I was told “the way they do things here is by including the least people as possible and that way the political machine keeps electing the same people over and over again.” Those who want to work within the two party systems are going to have to change drastically or become completely irrelevant. The other lesson is the high number of people who subscribe and respond to racist rhetoric measured by the amount of people who supported Trump. I had a person who called Mr. Trump a nice and honest man. I asked how could he have those characteristics if he hated Mexicans just because our  origin and color. The answer may surprise you. She is Christian and loves all people, loves Trump, has relatives married to Mexicans and loves me. Of course, if we look at history, the near extinction of Native Americans describes the colonizers with guns and bibles under their arms when they came to this area. Christianity was used as a tool to control the Native Americans. The business between Mexico and US amounts to billions of dollars and I will be surprised if Trump will be willing to deprive his class of all those profits, including the banks in the US.  Don’t believe me, read the business sections and verify what I am saying. The racist rhetoric is historically very convenient to get votes and keep people hating each other while they exploit all of us.

Where do we go from here?  Remember both systems are based by the same model. Capitalism which is to make a profit and democracy only means the majority rules. That’s it. Whoever is the leader of the “free world” decides how our taxes and money are distributed. Evidently the past leaders have benefited tremendously at our expense. Some of us are QUESTIONING EVERYTHING and we believe nothing until we have verification with actions. We also contemplate other models and not necessarily the only one offered here in our society.

My message of solidarity for people of color. Never believe that we are inferior to others. We may not have power now, but our groups have more in common with people all over the world who suffer from our imperialists wars.

Our lessons, organize and work for inclusion of all people to have the same advantages allowed to the elites. We deserve our taxes to be utilized for our communities and not just for increased profits. Question everything! Remember love is the law and we will never give up.

Yolanda Garza Birdwell
Laguna Vista


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