Form Based Code: An Explainer

Special to the PRESS

The South Padre Island Development Standards Review Task Force held a form based code training on Wednesday, Feb. 1.

City Councilmember Alita Bagley provided some background information on the City’s form based code. She explained that back in 2003, SPI commissioned a study called the WRT (Wallace, Roberts, and Todd) study to analyze the strengths and weakness of the City. Shortly after that, the Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) commissioned a study on tourism. “Both of those studies came back and said that we have deteriorating aesthetic appeal,” Bagley explained.

The City’s comprehensive plan was approved in 2008 and was based on the findings cited in the WRT study. “In the comprehensive plan, it talks a lot about land use — how land use should enforce quality aesthetics, quality experience, how neighborhoods should be well defined with neighborhood centers and mixed use.

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