Committee mulls short term rental ordinance update

Port Isabel-South Padre Press

The Port Isabel Ordinance Review Committee met Wednesday afternoon to discuss updating the City’s ordinances regarding the regulation of short term rentals.

Chairman Darrell Mangham began the discussion by explaining the committee is seeking to understand how the rental of spaces traditionally considered single family homes via applications like AirBnB affect the city and its permanent residents. “The gist of the conversation has always been how this affects short term rentals within the City,” Mangham said.

“If we think that there’s a problem emerging within our community … How do we deal with it with our code book?” he asked a moment later.

Of main concern are properties on the north side of town along the bay and in Modern Venice. Residents have raised concerns that short term rentals are taking place in areas of the city zoned as residential-only in homes designated as single family units.

Correction: A quote from Port Isabel City Manager Jared Hockema should have read, “My recommendation would be not to approve it (short term rentals) in the R1A, but to approve it in the R1 (zone).” Mr. Hockema’s suggestion was to not allow short term rentals in the Modern Venice area of the city, which is zoned as R1A, but to allow them in residential areas in the rest of the city, which is zoned as R1. The zone classifications were reversed in the print edition. We regret the error.

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