Clayton’s Pier hits zoning snag

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Amid discussions that became contentious at times, the South Padre Island Development Standards Review Task Force held two public hearings related to the proposed Clayton’s Fishing Pier during a meeting held Tuesday, Sept. 12.

The first hearing focused on a proposal to change the designation of certain beach and submerged land from District B to District PBN, or Padre Boulevard North Character Zone. Currently, District B is designated as a multifamily dwelling, apartment, motel, hotel, condominium and townhouse zone. The region in questioned encompasses the proposed 1,000 foot fishing pier at Clayton’s Beach Bar, as well as the La Quinta Inn & Suites, Marriott and Court Yard hotels.

Emphasizing the issue of spot zoning, an attorney representing the Villas of South Padre Homeowners Association was first to speak in opposition to the proposal. “While the staff has made a good effort to try to shoehorn this project into an area that’s not zoned for the project, what they’ve really done is they’ve admitted that this is an attempt to disguise spot zoning and to create a fiction that is the classic definition of spot zoning,” the attorney said.

“That is to reclassify an area that is going to benefit a single property owner or project,” he said.

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