Letter to the Editor for Oct. 12, 2017

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Having grown up in this region, I’ve seen and done a lot. After graduating from Brownsville High School in 1959, I began working for $1 an hour at Brownsville Shrimp Exchange. I saw the shrimpers were making more money than I was, so I went shrimping as a Header, then a Rigman, Captain and then became a Boat Owner and Boat Builder.

At my 45th high school class reunion, I noticed that almost half of the people in attendance lived in Houston. I thought about that and decided that there were no jobs in Brownsville and that was why they went to Houston. Houston’s Ship Channel has industry from one end to the other and plenty of jobs. The Port of Brownsville owns the land on both sides of the ship channel and one day it could have industry from one end to the other with plenty of jobs.

The State of Texas has plenty of natural gas. Instead of flaring it to get oil, we need to gather it and sell it. It will bring plenty of money and jobs to Texas. Of all the industries Brownsville could have, exporting liquefied natural gas is the cleanest and safest. Brownsville needs jobs so our young people won’t have to work for minimum wage or go to Houston to get a job.

Carl “Joe” Gayman

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