Letters to the Editor for March 1, 2018

Special to the PRESS

Dear Editor:

What is continually wrong with Laguna Vista?

Who is always pushing the gamesmanship among the city and the neighboring cities? Laguna Vista is like a little brother who is always trying to keep up with his big brother in all that he does and says.

Now, Laguna Vista thinks it needs a big fireworks display over the Fourth of July. Cost, maybe $10,000 (just a start, I’m sure). Is the city trying to keep up with the weekly and special fireworks on the Island? And, why?

Is it likely that residents of Laguna Vista will not go to the Island, or wherever they want to go, to watch the Island fireworks? And, what if they do?

This idea ranks along with the idea of hiring a “marina manager” to manage the marina that has been doing quite well, thank you, all these many years without tax money to support it. It must be a big city idea from a marina with several hundred boats in it. I belonged to a Minnesota Marina that was bigger than anything in the Valley and it did very well managing itself.

As a property owner within “range” of any large fireworks display, I have my own concerns. I have the only boathouse on the bay. I don’t want to lose it due to an errant firebrand. When the winds are up the fireworks sparks cannot be counted on going where you want them to.

For some time, the mayor and city manager have been running Laguna Vista like a Roman circus. Give the folks fun and games and they won’t think about things that need to be done.

We need to pay our police and fire folks more money so they can continue to work here and grow their families. We need to establish a building fund for a new city hall one day that will not require bonding or a loan. We need to build some incubator buildings to house new small shops, if that is what we want for businesses here. And, let’s not forget the oft-requested ditch digging on Beach Blvd. to bring the storm drainage ditches down to where the water can flow through the culverts to the proper runoff into the bay.

Come on, Laguna Vista city fathers and mothers. Get back to the basics and forget the fun and games.

Duane Rasmussen,
Laguna Vista



Having attended the Mayors’ Breakfast in Port Isabel and attending most city meetings, I continue to be very puzzled at this administration criticizing everything of the previous administration. Namely because 40 percent of this administration IS FROM the previous administration.

If you have ever attended a city meeting, and I encourage everyone to do that, you will notice that absolutely everything must be voted on. Every raise, every trip, every change in the ordinances must be approved by vote of the commissioners. EVERYTHING. If money is to be spent it must be approved first by the commissioners. Changes in policy, bids, and grants do not move forward without a majority vote from the commissioners.

Listening to Mayor Zamora, City Manager Jared Hockema and recent letter to the editor from Gary Snyder, nothing was done right until the most recent change in city management. How can that be when our elected leaders voted on everything the city did? Did they cast an uninformed vote? Perhaps but who knows.

If you attend any of the current city meetings you will probably notice that almost 100% of the votes are “all in favor” and pass unchallenged. The Mayor doesn’t even bother asking for an “all opposed” vote. Does he by chance already know that no one is going to cast a vote of opposition? How would he know that? LOL

Don’t let your elected officials off so easily. They voted for it. They own it. The only credit and the only blame rests solely with the city commission. Past and present. We are coming up on another election. Listen to all candidates. Ask questions. Ask lots of questions. This is your government. Manage your vote.

Glenda Stafford,
Port Isabel resident and voter


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