Letter to the Editor for May 31, 2018

Special to the PRESS

Dear Editor,

The Museums of Port Isabel have an on-going project your readers may well be aware of in the effort to sell more fish for the Champion Building Fish Mural, the location of the Historical Museum in Port Isabel.

There are over 200 sea creatures for sale. Less than half, including all of the larger creatures, have been purchased at more per creature than the ones that remain at $85 each. The sale of all of the species will bring over $20,000 to the museums to help pay for recent upkeep costs. Yes, the museums require upkeep. With the older building, the oldest one in Port Isabel, that upkeep keeps on keeping on.

A lot of communities do not have a city government either able or willing to fund the extensive museums we have in Port Isabel. They are expensive, not only because buildings need maintenance, but exhibits need constant attention and updating.

More of the citizens of Port Isabel, South Padre Island and Laguna Vista need to step forward to buy a fish. You can select the particular species you want and for your donation, a replica of the mural inside the entry to the Historical Museum will display a small metal plaque with your name or the name of someone you designate for the honor next to your selected fish.

In 1906, the first mural was painted by artist and fisherman, Jose Morales. After several more repaintings, the current project was completed and dedicated Oct. 27, 2017, by local artist Angel Hernandez.

For more particulars on how you can be a part of this unique effort, contact Jeannie Flores at the Treasures of the Gulf Museum, 943-7602, or view the web at http://bit.ly/champbldg or email info@portisabel-texas.com.

All of which brings up another point. The museums need volunteers quite badly. Volunteers are asked to sit by the entry to the museums to collect money or advanced sale tickets for those wishing to enter. If you like people and the chance to meet them from all over the U.S. and Canada, you’ll have fun with this job. The museums need you for only three hours weekly in either a morning or afternoon shift.

It has been surprising to me that very few of the local people who grew up here and who have the real vested interest in the museum do any volunteering. It has been mostly up to we who have immigrated here who take the interest. Where are you, folks?

Again, contact Jeannie Flores at the Treasures of the Gulf Museum to find out what you can do. The community and the museums need you!

Duane A. Rasmussen,
Board of Directors
Laguna Madre Museums Foundation
Laguna Vista

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