Letter to the Editor for June 21, 2018

Special to the PRESS

Dear Editor,

The brutal display of how children and in general poor brown immigrants are being caged worse than animals calls for me to reach others and express what I am doing to deal with this tragic situation.

This is terrorism that includes children.

To navigate the political landscape is not easy. This is like a laboratory to be studied. The working people who many times work more than one job have no time to be active politically. Some of those who have economic security choose to side with the system and follow without questioning the mainstream narrative. Many work for the agencies like ICE and defend their actions by saying they are following the law. I will call them INTIMATE ENEMIES.

We have some of the political class and from both parties many times side with whoever is in power.

Verify what I am saying by looking at the records on who gets money from special interests and lobbyist. Those who get the money get preference on how to vote. Corporations are the beneficiaries vs. the people.

I will call them GATEKEEPERS.

Remember slavery was legal and it was changed. The same is happening now.

The displaced immigrants are victims of wars and their own countries. The USA has been there in many countries intervening with its military power. Again, verify by looking at history of Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador. Mexico included. In addition, all these countries have been economically penetrated and as I mentioned previously NAFTA has contributed to displaced a lot of farmers.

If the USA does not like immigrants GET THE HELL OUT OF ALL LATIN AMERICA. Remove all the corporations doing business there. Again verify what I am saying and take a walk in any state like Nuevo Leon and Jalisco. You can see USA corporations making money in Mexico and I say the USA is infecting us with their greed and exploitation.

Stephen Miller is a 32 year old advisor to the president and the one who has promoted the anti-immigrant rhetoric because it worked for him while he was student. He used the anti-Latino narrative and we all can see it has worked for this administration like a charm. Check his background and his anti-Muslim rhetoric and supports the wars in Gaza and Yemen. Again illegal wars that displaces people.

I am one of those who is against wars and have been questioning this system since I became a USA citizen back in 1967. I believe we have some valuable constitutional laws that have been won by previous brave generations of people who wanted this society to be for all and not only for the few. We are in dangerous situation now because they are a large group of special interests who want this society to be for the few and not all of us.

People like me, who are not afraid to speak up against the power structure are NOT welcome in some liberal settings. They want just to change from one party to another without seeing the main problem which is the economic system designed to exploit the other. Profits is the main objective. Make money with private prisons and selling arms is the main goal of an Empire. Rejection for me is a badge of honor and this will tell us we need to be honest and frank that we are living in the most powerful nation in the world and if we want to be part of the Resistance, we have to be willing to see ourselves and ask are we part of the problem or the solution? Some of us call for boycotting corporations. Corporations love us as consumers. We say No Justice No Profits.

Yolanda Garza Birdwell
Laguna Vista

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