Letters to the Editor for April 12, 2019

To the Editor,

We are sorry to see Dina Arevalo go. In the past four plus years she’s been the only personality of the Padre Press whom we’ve come to know, and we shall miss her. Good luck, Dina, in whatever your new endeavors will be.

Sincerely yours, David A. Sears

South Padre Island

The “Columbo” detective of Port Isabel Police Department

To the Editor,

A loud banging on my door interrupted my attempt at an afternoon nap!

As the banging would not cease, I opened the door to find my neighbor urging me to go look at my car!

Somebody broke out your window, she exclaimed!

Sure enough, my back left window was shattered!

My neighbor suggested I call the police to make a report.

The dispatcher was so professional and two officers arrived within 5 minutes (they must have been very close by).

Officer Ray Brandriff quickly took charge.

I half expected just a routine report to be turned into my insurance company, but was I ever surprised!

Officer Brandriff noticed that the grass had just been cut right by my car. He suspected that a rock had been thrown forcefully resulting in the broken window.

A lesser officer might have said, “Well, too bad, hope your insurance can cover it.”

Not Officer Brandriff! He went to work like a bulldog after a bone! He located the owner of the property who was in Germany at the time, got his address for me and apprised him of the problem.

It was already after 3 p.m. on a Friday afternoon, and I was concerned about getting the window fixed quickly.

Sadly, I forgot I had a 500 deductible on my insurance and would have to pay for the window out of my pocket and try to collect from the property owner upon his return to the area.

I asked officer Brandriff who he recommended locally that could get the job done quickly and reasonably.

He did recommend a place (Ericks Body shop) as I had no idea where it was, Officer Brandriff offered to guide me to where it was.

As I was waiting for the shop to find a replacement window and give an estimate, Officer Brandriff returned. He had somehow located the actual person who did the damage to the window!

Not only that, but Officer Brandriff had explained the issue and the man (a very nice man) agreed to pay for the damage.

All good!

Perhaps some would think this is a very small matter, however: in my opinion, Officer Brandriff went above and beyond the call of duty.

If he is willing to put so much diligence and at
tention to detail towards a small matter, imagine how conscientious he would be with a serious police matter?

I call Officer Brandriff the “Detective Columbo of Port Isabel”!

This officer REALLY cares! Good efforts should be rewarded! My gratitude to the entire Port Isabel Police department.

Rebecca Marina

Port Isabel

To the Editor,

Four years ago, when LNG companies first mentioned coming to South Texas, we all had our concerns. And we voiced those to local leaders, who did what we asked them to do. We asked them to take a stand, to ask questions, to demand assurances. We asked them to take care of our sea turtles and our ocelots, as well as ensure that our local shrimping industry could continue to work.

Since then NextDecade’s proposed Rio Grande LNG project has made great progress, acquiring the federal, state and local permits, approvals and agreements to move forward. They expect to get final approvals and begin construction this year.

Now I believe it is time for our local leaders to “adjust their focus.”

I urge our leaders to ensure that our families and workforce are not left behind. Urge LNG Contractors/Subcontractors to help us train our workers and to consider the unemployed and underemployed families in
our community when hiring. Furthermore, expect that the contractors and subcontractors pay living wages! We are one of the poorest communities in the country. Rio Grande LNG has pledged to train and hire locally as much as possible. We need jobs, skills development, apprenticeships and living wages.

At this point I choose to remain optimistic that this project will bring with it opportunity and stimulate economic growth. The project is expected to create about 5,000 construction jobs at peak, 200 permanent operations jobs and about 3,500 indirect jobs in Cameron County.

The indirect and direct economic impacts are too great to ignore. The jobs, business spending, goods and services (hotels, restaurants, real estate, lumber, etc) as well as the tax revenues (payroll, sales, employee) will create a much-needed economic boost in our community. Are we ready for this?

In the end, it’s about balance. If we are to THRIVE as a community, if our families are going to THRIVE, then we must aggressively seek opportunities such as these.

I applaud our leaders for taking a stand when they needed to. Now I encourage them to come back “to the table” and ensure that the families, local businesses and underemployed in our community are ready to reap the financial boosts that could come with this project.

R. B. Hernandez

South Padre Island

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