Letters to the Editor for May 30, 2019

Bee Friendly

Dear Editor,

Soon the City of Port Isabel will begin the spraying for mosquitoes. The question was asked at last night’s City Meeting if the spray was “bee friendly.” No one knew for sure. The City Manager noted that the mosquitoes are becoming increasingly resistant to the chemicals used in the spray.

The mosquitoes will continue to breed more resistant mosquitoes until we are back to DDT levels in insecticide. The spray kills more than just mosquitoes. It kills many other insects, including spiders that are environmentally friendly. Additionally, birds are extremely sensitive to gases and chemical sprays.

The city could use the environmentally friendly sprays that don’t kill off the bees in the process. The public can use the personal applications of mosquito repellent. Everyone can get rid of standing, stagnant water on both residential and business properties.

Let’s do our part so the City can use a less toxic spray.

Call the Mayor or any of the City Commissioners and City Manager to express your concern about increasing the toxic spays or any spray that harms the environment.

Glenda Stafford

Port Isabel

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