PIHS band students report for duty


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The general membership of the Port Isabel Silver Tarpon Marching Band began reporting this week at the high school band halls. Drum line percussionists reported first, two weeks ago, then everyone took the week of the Fourth off. Now it’s “All Hands on Deck” as the entire band begins to assemble to prepare for the 2019 marching season.

The Press found Head Director of Bands for the Port Isabel I.S.D. in his office this week and clearly he was happy to start getting ready for the new season.

“They’re always excited to start fresh,” Hartsfield said. “Yesterday was just check in – we had the freshmen come in, next group was sophomores, and so on.”

Attendance is not 100% just yet and it is not expected to be. Some of the kids are away on family vacations, and, “By the end of this week there’ll be more kids here. It’ll take a while to gather all the horses.”

Hartsfield related a conversation he had with some of the kids in which they asked him about his longevity in the band director’s profession.

“They were wondering how is it that I can keep doing the band thing; ‘You’ve done this so many years.’”

“Well, it’s not like being a regular classroom teacher. A regular classroom teacher has to teach the same core subject all the time. We’re teaching music but it’s different stuff each year.”

Some things are the same, year after year, but a new show is written for each marching season and that’s something, for students and directors alike, to get excited about.

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