Waves of change: New local sparks effort to reduce waste on SPI


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Mike Hernandez and Lillian Martin, the latter starting up a recycling effort on South Padre Island, are shown holding one of the recycling bins used in their Cycle Me waste reduction program. (Photo by Pamela Cody)

Back in the day, three R’s stood for reading, writing, and arithmetic. For some South Padre Island residents, however, the three R’s have come to represent a very grave issue on this planet: the need to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Around the time of the Vietnam War in the 70s, Americans began developing an environmental conscience, as the burgeoning issues of air pollution, water quality and waste began to emerge as serious problems in modern society. Jump to 2019, where paper and metal straws are replacing plastic ones, reusable shopping bags have become the norm, and entire cities are banning styrofoam products. Individuals and environmental groups around the globe are doing everything they can to reduce the tremendous amount of waste humanity disposes of on a daily basis.

Lillian Martin, 24, a nurse from Arizona and a new resident of South Padre Island, saw a need for more recycling options in her new locale. Along with help from Laguna Vista resident Mike Hernandez, Martin recently initiated a project called Cycle Me, to increase awareness about recycling and reducing waste.

Martin spoke about how Cycle Me began and what her mission is with this project.

“I had this idea, and I talked to some friends and they inspired me to keep going with it. So I started off with one recycling bin at Cafe Karma, where Roin, the manager, has supported me throughout everything,” she reflected. “Then it went to BurgerFi, the Painted Marlin, and now we have one at Williedean Bagels.”

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