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IT Chapter 2 is a disturbingly fun horror film, with a bit of comedy to help get you past the intense horror this film throws at you.

IT Chapter 2 takes place 27 years after the first film, where almost all of the members of the Loser Club have moved away from Derry, Maine, and have completely forgotten about the horrible events they went through. Mike Hanton (Isaiah Mustafa) is the only Loser to stay in Derry, remembering everything. When several gruesome deaths occur in Derry, he believes “IT” has returned, calling all of the Loser Club back to their hometown to fulfill their oaths to kill “IT.”

IT Chapter 2, in my opinion, is one of the best horror films of this year: the film manages to be scary to the point where I genuinely thought about leaving half way through, because I wasn’t looking forward to the next scare. The film was intentionally funny, and not unintentionally because of bad CGI, writing, or set design, like most horror films made these days, such as Sharknado, or anything on the Sci-Fi channel. The film manages to really build up tension and make the jump scares really count, and that’s one of the best things about this film. Most of the scares in the film aren’t just used every 10 seconds and actually have build up, making you feel uncomfortable and uneasy, which few horror movies are successful at doing. For example, other movies would just show jumpscare after jumpscare, with no tension or suspense, and leave it at that.

Even the acting is really good in the film, with the adult and children’s versions of the characters being on-par with each other. Bill Hader, who plays Richie Tozier, is one of the better parts of the film. His acting is on-par with his comedic abilities, and they mix extremely well, making his character stand out, getting you worried when he’s in danger. Bill Skarsgard’s, who plays Pennywise, portrayal of the child-eating clown is just as good as in the first film. But the first film never really scared me: I mean, Pennywise was unsettling, but only scared me in jumpscares and never left any lasting impression on me. Now, this isn’t really Bill Skarsgard’s fault: I
thought he did a good job acting, but it’s mostly because I’m not afraid of clowns and was much more afraid of the horrendous monsters “IT” would transform into. This is my main gripe with the film; well, the series as a whole: the film relies too much on Pennywise the Dancing Clown. Not everybody, no, most people are not afraid of clowns, and that to me was what held the film back, when IT Chapter 2’s source material is mostly about the concept of fear.

A good example of this is a bit of a spoiler, for those who never saw the original IT series, or read the book, but when the Loser Club finally confronts Pennywise, and he mutates into his final form, he’s still a clown, just with bug legs, and this disappointed me beyond belief. The film even built up the fact that he would be a hideous, horrific monster, but no: he’s just a giant clown. All that aside, this film is one of my favorite horror flicks of this year. With its fun and simple plot, disgusting visuals, horrendous monsters and somewhat scary clown, it gives me everything I could ask for in a horror film and will be a movie I’ll see multiple times.

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