Port Isabel girls powerlifting team earns gold at Yellow Jacket Invitational

Port Isabel High School’s powerlifting teams. Photo courtesy of PIHS.












By Constancio Martinez, Jr.
Special to the PRESS

The Port Isabel Girls powerlifting team attended the Yellow Jacket Invitational LQW Powerlifting Meet held at the Edcouch-Elsa High School on February 22. 

The girls-only meet was the last meet where lifters could qualify for the regional meet, which will be held at PSJA Southwest High School on March 6, 2020. 

The meet encompassed 73 lifters from 10 schools. The top three schools were Edcouch-Elsa (52 points), Edinburg Economedes (37 points) and Rio Hondo (22 points), respectively. The Port Isabel team finished in sixth place with 14 points, with only three PI athletes competing in the meet. As per Texas High School Powerlifting Association (THSPA) rules, team point scoring for all individual, regional, and state meets will be 7, 5, 3, 2, 1 for the first five finishers in each weight class. Places are awarded on the total weight lifted in the three lifts: squat, bench press, and deadlift.

In the 114-weight class, Viviana Lopez won her second gold medal of the year, with her best total lift to date, 765 pounds (squat: 330; bench: 130; deadlift: 305), 75 pounds more than the previous meet. Lopez qualified for the regional meet in her first powerlifting meet by lifting 735 pounds total, a hundred pounds more than the qualifying total weight of 635 pounds. Lopez is currently ranked #2 in the region.

Also competing in the 114-weight class was Jackie Perez, who came in 9th place, lifting 595 total pounds (squat: 225; bench: 115; deadlift: 255). Perez was just 40 pounds short of qualifying for the regional meet. She could’ve also qualified if she had finished in the top 12 in the region rankings, but she came in at 13. 

The final Port Isabel competitor was Madelyn Galvan, who competed in the 148-weight class. Galvan won gold, lifting 765 pounds total (squat: 315; bench: 150; deadlift: 300). Like Lopez, Galvan improved her total weight lifted by 75 pounds, compared to her first powerlifting meet. She missed the qualifying total lift by 10 pounds, but still qualified for the regional meet by finishing 9th in the region rankings.

April Puente did not participate in the meet, but still qualifies for the regional meet by being ranked 9th in the region in the 220-weight classification. Puente’s best total weight lifted was 730 pounds (squat: 325; bench: 155; deadlift: 250). 

As for the boys powerlifting team, their next powerlifting meet is on February 28 at Brownsville Hanna High School. The meet will be the last chance for the boys to qualify for the regional meet if they haven’t already qualified. 

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