Galvan Lone Tarpon Placer at Hidalgo

By Larry Gage
Special to the PRESS

Evan Galvan was the lone top-six finisher at last Saturday’s Pirate Relays track and field meet at Hidalgo.

Galvan, a middle-distance runner, ran 5th in the 400-meter race with a time of 59.84 seconds.  He was a little over three seconds behind the winner of the event, Noah Hernandez of Rio Hondo, who stopped the timer at 56.78 seconds.

Head Tarpon track coach, John Calvillo, took only five athletes to the meet, and all five were freshmen. 

Coach Calvillo is hoping he will be able to persuade a few basketball players, now that hoops season has ended, to come out to Tarpon Stadium and work into track shape.  

“We’re still missing some kids,” Calvillo said by telephone Monday.  “Most of my athletes are still in basketball, and four are in powerlifting.”

The head coach is planning to take 10 athletes to this Saturday’s meet at Rio Hondo.

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