Stolen golf cart returned after suspects go viral

Two people suspected of stealing a South Padre Island resident’s golf cart are seen in this security footage.

Staff report

A South Padre Island resident’s stolen golf cart has been returned, after a camera caught two suspects during the incident. 

LaDawn Simpson posted in a local Facebook group, South Padre Island Concierge, that their golf cart had been stolen, posting the entire incident from a camera mounted to the golf cart’s frame. Simpson needed help identifying the two people, one wearing a hat, the other with a hooded sweatshirt, who got into the golf cart and drove off sometime in the early morning hours of July 8. 

“We just stole a golf cart!” the suspected driver of the golf cart yelled into the phone of the passenger, who looked to be recording the incident. Seconds later, the driver notices the golf cart’s camera and covers it with his hand. 

Simpson’s post, and the attached video, have been shared by more than a thousand people. 

The two suspects returned the golf cart the next day, Simpson said, taking it directly to SPIPD. 

Thomas Simpson, LaDawn’s husband, told the PRESS that the camera was thrown away by the two suspects. The two paid for the camera after they were arrested by South Padre Island Police Department (SPIPD). No other damage was done to the golf cart. 

“Having a video placed on Facebook, on SPI’s concierge page, was probably what led to the real quick recovery of (the golf cart),” Thomas Simpson said.  

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