History: Moments in Time: August 26

Curated by Steve Hathcock


A postcard tin can camp.

The Tin Can Tourists of the World, an international organization of tourists who travel by motor car are very anxious to establish a tourist camp in Brownsville and other points in the Valley, according to a letter received by the Chamber of Commerce.

The organization has established caps all over the United States and Canada. The purpose of the camp is to have a place where auto-tourists can park their cars and camp for overnight or any reasonable time. 

“There is no reason why we should not have a tourist camp here in Brownsville,” said manager Hott. “I believe it would be a very good thing for the town. It is probable the matter will be taken in the near future.” (Brownsville Herald August 22, 1921)


Helps His Wife to Elope

When Mrs. Clarke Durea, wife of the pastor of the Church of Holiness at Monticello., N.Y., told her husband she was going to elope with Earl Vernooy,  a neighbor, and a married man, he opened the door to their home for her to allow her to leave. The doctrine of non-resistance preached by Durea is given as the reason he did not make an effort to prevent the elopement . Mrs. Durea is 38 years old and Vernooy 25. (Brownsville Herald August 22, 1921)

Bag of 250 Pennies Buys Marriage License

POTTSVILLE, PA (UP)-George Neverusky, 26, Minersville, walked up to the marriage license clerk, asked for a certificate, and handed him a bag of pennies. 

“Are there 250 there?” asked the clerk.

“You’re the clerk,” replied Neverusky, “you count them.”

The clerk refused, but Neverusky also refused to budge. After a long argument, the clerk finally gave in and issued a license for Neverusky. ( McAllen Daily Press August 27, 1941)


Alton, Ill., Aug. 27 (U.P.)-A condemned dog whose life was saved by policeman Otto Schwegel returned the favor today by warning the officer and his family of a fire in their home.

Schwegel said the big German Shepherd’s barking awakened  him at 7 a.m. The family found a blaze in an overheated furnace fan. The fire was confined to the basement because of the dog’s warning.

Schwegel took the animal home recently when it was scheduled to be destroyed as a stray.

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