Comedian in awe with the Island as she films romantic comedy


The excitement is growing for the upcoming romantic comedy that is being partially filmed on the island of South Padre. “Switch Up” is the name of the film, and the PRESS had the opportunity to sit down with the cast and crew responsible for making it possible.

“I am in awe,” Von Decarlo, stand-up comedian, actress, and author from Pittsburgh, who appears as D’Andra in the film, said in reference to her arrival on the island. She described the views are gorgeous.

Decarlo describes her character as the comedic relief of the storyline. “I am one of the funny family members that comes in and jokes around. It is a dysfunctional family dynamic, and I am a part of the dysfunction,”

Decarlo lightheartedly elaborated on her character D’Andra, and she also mentioned her real life family had a similar sense of comedic dysfunction. “That’s the beauty of acting and good film writing. What makes a good story is when it is relatable,” Decarlo told the PRESS. She says she can see attributes of people from her off screen life in every character in the film.

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