Largest mural on Island painted at Marriott


Marcos Zamudio is responsible for the Courtyard by Marriott’s new look and the largest mural on the Island.

Zamudio is a 35-year-old artist from Argentina who says he came to America, “by chance.” According to Zamudio, he has been an artist for as long as he can remember.

He has a mutual friend with Barry Patel, owner of the Courtyard by Marriott South Padre Island. This mutual friend told Patel about Zamudio’s art, and referred the owner of the hotel to the artist’s Instagram. In result, Patel commissioned several works of art from Zamudio. This relationship ultimately resulted in the creation of the largest work of art on South Padre Island, according to Zamudio.

Zamudio says he feels proud to have his artwork bear this title. He says it is also the largest painting he has done in his life.

The mural is 130 feet wide and 60 feet tall. It took him two weeks to paint, and a month to plan.

Zamudio says tackling a painting of that expansive magnitude was a big challenge because he had never done a mural so large. He took time in his planning to ensure he would be able to bring this dream into reality. He says he is happy with what he has accomplished.

The mural features images recognizable of the Island such as two sea turtles, a coral reef, the hull of a boat, a pelican, and the familiar statue of Jesus located in Isla Blanca Park. Zamudio says he chose these as his subjects to illustrate his perspective on the story of the Island.

He said that it feels fulfilling to have people see his creation. He also says during the process of painting he was often visited by people curious to what he was doing and they would cheer him on. They kept Zamudio’s spirits up with words of encouragement.

Patel has an appreciation for art, according to Zamudio. Zamudio says he is thankful to Patel for giving him this opportunity to leave his mark on the island.

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    • deb on March 8, 2022 at 3:52 pm
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    the mural is gorgeous!!!!!!! your article was written without the proper research however – the statue at the south end of the island is of Padre Balli not Jesus. as is clearly stated on the plaque on the base of the statue.

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