Golf cart rolls over on Padre Boulevard


Mattew and Mariah Krueger from Demoi Iowa were driving southbound on Padre Boulevard when they witnessed the aftermath of a golf-cart turnover on March 9.

They came upon a golf-cart turned over on its side around 3 p.m. outside of Peggy’s Tattoos and stopped to assist.

According to Mattew Krueger, they did not see the accident take place. There was a crowd gathered attempting to assess the situation.

“There was a middle-aged woman laying inside the cart still on the ground. I believe it was a couple that was driving because there was a man standing next to the cart that was clearly in shock from what had happened,” said Mattew Krueger. The woman on the ground had blood around her mouth according to the witness, however she was conscious and aware of her surroundings. Members of the concerned crowd were helping to keep the woman still.

Mattew Krueger called the police and described the situation. He said the police arrived quickly. According to him, a nearby business owner described the crash. “He said that they had the accident by themselves and there were no other cars involved,” explained Mattew Krueger.

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