Clay Munster offers private acrylic pour classes


Sherre Adams, aka Clay Munster, of Y.O.U., a local artist and art instructor, is now offering private acrylic pour classes. The classes are available daily and they are fun for all ages according to Adams.

Adams was born in Shreveport Louisiana and raised in East Texas. According to her, she grew up as a country girl on what she described as “basically a farm”. However, in 1999 when Adams was in her late twenties, she hung up her cowgirl boots and deemed the title of a “city girl” while she lived in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for 18 years.

“I always had the dream of being an artist and living by the ocean,” reminisced Adams.

While living in the Dallas/Fort Worth area she began to crave a little adventure. She says she wanted to travel and had the idea of visiting South Padre Island. “I was growing tired of the places, and the traffic, and the people,” Adams explained. In 2017, while visiting the Island for the first time, Adams said she realized that it was her home.

After her vacation, she moved to the Island a few months later.

“The Valley is an amazing place to be,” said Adams. “It’s tranquil. It’s peaceful. It’s an amazing place.”
As a young girl growing up in East Texas, Adams had a talent for illustration. This was the start of her artistic lifestyle.

While living in Brownsville for a brief ten months, Adams began combining her love for art with her love for the ocean by incorporating the two together. She would paint on seashells and starfish. During this time period, her dream of having an art-based business began to become clear.

After moving to the Island Adams became a member of Artspace where she started teaching art classes and expanding her mediums of choice while growing her talents.

“It has been the best career that I have ever had,” said Adams.

Adams opened her own commission-based art business, Y.O.U., in 2018. At the moment she offers two types of acrylic pour classes, but will soon be adding ceramics to her roster. Adams estimates she will be offering her ceramic classes by May 2022.

“Going to a studio is fun, but I have found that people are more relaxed when they are at home,” explained Adams. That is why she started offering private classes, and according to Adams, so far it has been a hit.

During these classes, Adams offers three different acrylic pour techniques.

The participants receive three different canvases and the three artworks Adams creates herself during the duration of the class. For the of age crowd, she also offers a ‘sip and pour’ class where Adams provides wine, cheese, and different snacks.

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