Dribble method proves water efficient


Since the soil is so dry at the moment, I decided to deep water the trees in my backyard.

What I recommend as a method to deep water larger established trees is to use the “dribble method”, which is setting the end of the garden hose at the base of the tree and turning the water on just enough to let the water dribble out at a rate of flow that will allow the water to soak into the soil instead of puddling and starting to run off.

Basically it is using the theory of drip irrigation. The drops of water slowly start to saturate the soil one drip at a time. One drip follows another and will penetrate the soil down to four to six feet deep.

The longer the water runs it will slowly saturate deeper to soak the entire root system of larger plants and trees.

Doing this a couple of times a month during dry periods is the most efficient use of watering and the trees benefit greatly from the “dribble method”.

In fact, using drip irrigation for both new lawns and in flowerbeds is a very effective way to conserve water.

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