County adopts resolution in support of SpaceX despite strong opposition


Cameron County Commissioners on Tuesday adopted a resolution supporting SpaceX’s Super Heavy Project at the Boca Chica launch site during their regular meeting.
During the meeting, commissioners also approved the abandonment of four county roads within SpaceX’s vicinity:  Annette Street, Joanna Street, Remedios Street, and a portion of Lucero Court.
Rebekah Hinojosa from Sierra Club started the public comments in direct opposition to the resolution as well as to the abandonment of the streets. She cited the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) review of SpaceX’s license when the FAA ignored the Spanish-speaking community by not translating documents and public hearings for SpaceX.
Emma Guevara, a member of the South Texas Environmental Justice Network, also spoke in opposition, citing SpaceX’s own draft programmatic environmental assessment, which stated that “this project would not make any major positive financial or employment impact on the surrounding communities.” SpaceX’s own draft PEA, Guevara said, mentions “the permanent destruction of acres of floodplains” and would also negatively impact wildlife through more sound and light pollution and the possibility of literally “boiling an ocelot alive.”
Dr. Christopher Basaldu, a member of the Carrizo Comecrudo Tribe, said the projects have the possibility of destroying historical, archeological, ancestral, and burial sites.

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