LMWD remembers Sept. 15 during water main repairs

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So many years have passed and still LMWD remembers that 21 years ago, friends and family members were lost because of a horrific accident. However, since then, the community has continued to grow, build, and flourish, beginning with the rebuilding of the Causeway itself. Last week on the special day of remembrance of September 15th, a Laguna Madre Water District (LMWD) repair team was situated high up, under the Causeway busily repairing a water main leak and fully aware of that somber day, while the communities below paid tribute on the anniversary of the Queen Isabella Causeway collapse.
In April of this year, a repair team installed new parts to repair the leak that required one of the two water mains to South Padre Island to be shut down for a few months until the area could safely be accessed. Unfortunately, a leak was again identified and, due to a faulty seal on a part installed, was shut off again until the particular piece was received. This did not affect water service to SPI. The repair team was able to make arrangements to once again access the pipe under the highest point of the bridge and successfully complete the repair. Both water mains are now open and providing water to SPI.
To many,  the Causeway is a reminder  of that dreadful day. Yet, it also became a symbol of hope, unity, and strength that it brought out in all  as the community worked tirelessley, to help one another during a time of such great loss. So as the team completed the repairs on September 15, it felt a bit momentous. It might have just been a water main under a bridge, but that day it represented more. It was a team of brave men in an awkward and difficult-to-reach site repairing and fortifying  connection to the Island, uniting and reminding of the hope and strength the Causeway still represents.


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