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THE WELLNESS CHOICE: Antibiotic Alternatives, Pt. 1

By Dr. SUSAN DUVE Special to the Parade After years of antibiotic abuse, we are now facing a medical dilemma of great magnitudes. The very treatment that was considered a miracle early on is now a cause for grave concern. Bacterial infections are on the rise, not on the decline. Why is this? The answer …

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THE WELLNESS CHOICE: Don’t be fooled by Fat Fallacies – Fats can be Good!

By Dr. SUSAN DUVÉ Special to the Parade Essential Fats (are found in) all seed and cereal oils but only if fresh and unprocessed. If stale, the rancidity destroys both the E and F complex content. The rancid oils in commercial products seem to be the main cause of E and F deficiency. The “bad” …

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