THE WELLNESS CHOICE: Antibiotic Alternatives, Pt. 1

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Dr. Susan Duve

Dr. Susan Duve

After years of antibiotic abuse, we are now facing a medical dilemma of great magnitudes. The very treatment that was considered a miracle early on is now a cause for grave concern. Bacterial infections are on the rise, not on the decline. Why is this? The answer may surprise you. Is this miracle treatment not all what the medical community had hoped it would be? Let’s start by first examining what an antibiotic is and how it works.

What is antibiotic?

Merriam-Webster defines antibiotics this way: an•ti•bi•ot•ic – tending to prevent, inhibit, or destroy life, a substance produced by or a semisynthetic substance derived from a microorganism and able in dilute solution to inhibit or kill another microorganism.

We can surmise that the life it is referring to is the pathogen and not the host, but life destroying it is none the less.

Now the first known antibiotic was discovered in 1928 and then widely introduced in 1943, so they have not been around for that long. That’s only 70 years of experimentation on the public.

So what is contained in these semisynthetic compounds? Let’s see here:

[pullquote align=”left|center|right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”]“Chemical substance that in dilute solutions can inhibit the growth of microorganisms or destroy them with little or no harm to the infected host. Early antibiotics were natural microbial products, but chemists have modified the structures of many to produce semisynthetic and even wholly synthetic ones. Since the discovery of penicillin (1928), antibiotics have revolutionized the treatment of bacterial, fungal, and some other diseases. They are produced by many actinomycetes (e.g., streptomycin, tetracycline) and other bacteria (e.g., polypeptides such as bacitracin) and by fungi (e.g., penicillin). Antibiotics may be broad-spectrum (active against a wide range of pathogens) or specific (active against one, or one class). Drawbacks include activity against beneficial microorganisms, often causing diarrhea; allergies; and development of drug-resistant strains of the targeted microorganisms.” -Merriam-Webster Dictionary. (Underline is my emphasis.)[/pullquote]

Now, we would only hope that these substances would have “little or no harm to the infected host,” but we know now that this is not the case. I would like to add that I believe the overuse of antibiotics is in direct correlation with many chronic gastrointestinal disorders like Celiac, Crohn’s, Irritable Bowel Disease, and many other conditions which lead to the sequela of events including breakdown of the gut lining, our internal barrier, leaving our bodies susceptible to the outer world and the unnatural conditions that this exposure causes.

Why are antibiotics failing?

Let’s face it, unless you are educated in holistic principals, the majority of the US population will run to an allopathic doctor (traditional medicine) for a cold or flu and expect a prescription for an antibiotic, and most MDs are happy to give them one. I know this because my MD friends have discussed this with me directly. The conversation goes like this, “Well, if I didn’t give them the antibiotic they just go next door or go into Mexico where you don’t need a prescription, so they might as well get it from me.” The trouble is these patients should be tested to discover if the infection is viral or bacterial first. This is not usually the case. Antibiotics have no effect on viruses and, in fact, can cause more harm when administered.

Most antibiotics are toxins made by a fungus that kills bacteria. This sounds all well and good until you consider this: If you have a viral infection the antibiotic is not going to help. These new toxins are dumped into your body, which is already struggling with infection, now need to be detoxified, hence creating more stress to the system. This stress on top of the invading virus can be overwhelming to the immune system, liver, kidney, lymphatic system, thymus and other tissues that work hard to keep your inner environment clean from harmful pathogens. This unhealthy scenario sets you up for further susceptibility to pathogenic organism invasion. The immune system is further burdened and weakened. This does not sound good, right?

Another problem that occurs is where the pathogenic disease causing bacteria become tenacious survivors and become virulent “superbugs” that are resistant to antibiotics. These can become increasingly deadly. The highest concentration of these deadly resistant bacteria is in medical clinics and hospitals. This is often why, for so many, a trip to the hospital can result in death. A simple injection or minor surgery can lead to months in the hospital, loss of limb, or death. We are hearing of more and more cases of MRSA or Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus infections. Antibiotics do not kill this bacteria and it can be lethal. This sequence of events leads to many new iatrogenic conditions (doctor induced or medically caused) that did not previously exist. Sadly, this is a common occurrence.

After 70 years of this medically accepted practice, we are seeing the devastating consequences of overuse and abuse of traditional antibiotics. I know we can do better. We have many alternatives in the plant world that heal without harm. Let’s take a look.

Antibiotic Alternatives

There are many great alternatives to antibiotics that have proven to be effective and, more importantly, do not harm the host. They are very beneficial to the host. In a previous article I mentioned, colloidal silver and its antimicrobial effects in the body. (See Padre Parades article Silver Solutions in the online archives)

We have known of plants with phytochemical properties that are antimicrobial for many years and are still used today with no harmful effects on the body.

Herbs That Heal by Boosting Immunity Naturally

Garlic is widely known for its antimicrobial properties. It also helps maintain normal cholesterol levels within a normal range, supports cardiovascular system health, encourages a healthy intestinal environment to help maintain proper gastrointestinal flora, enhances immune system response and promotes healthy lung function.

Golden Seal helps maintain healthy mucus membranes, cleanses the gastrointestinal tract, assists in maintaining healthy breathing passages to support free and clear breathing, helps maintain healthy mucus function, stimulates digestion, supports the normal production and flow of bile, helps support the body’s response to environmental stress.

Astragalus, Echinacea purpurea root, and Eleuthero – when used in combination these plants provide the following effects: enhance immune system function, maintain feelings of general well-being, assist the body during convalescence, facilitate the body’s normal response to occasional stress and promote a healthy response to environmental stress.

Albizia, Chinese Skullcap, and Feverfew – when these herbs are used in combination they maintain normal upper respiratory tract and skin function, assist in maintaining healthy breathing passages to support free and clear breathing, respond normally to occasional seasonal stresses, support normal immune response (particularly in the upper respiratory and gastrointestinal tract) and support the body’s organs of elimination.

Andrographis, Echinacea angustifolia root and Holy Basil provide a unique range of phytochemicals that enhance immune system function, support healthy respiratory system function, support and maintain normal body temperature within a normal range, support healthy immune response following stress, sudden changes in weather or temperature, encourage adaptive response to occasional everyday stress, promote healthy liver function.

Eyebright, Golden Rod, Echinacea purpurea root, Golden Seal and Cayenne – these five powerful herbs maintain healthy and normal mucus secretion in nasal passages, support healthy response to environmental stresses, support healthy mucous membranes (particularly of the nose and sinus), assist in maintaining healthy breathing passages to support free and clear breathing, encourage a healthy environment to help maintain normal respiratory flora, maintain normal respiratory tract function and support outer ocular health.

Chlorine Dioxide

The product I would like to discuss briefly in this article is Chlorine Dioxide, or in my office we call it MMS for Miracle Mineral Solution. I have been using this product personally and clinically for over five years now and have seen some significant results when it comes to infection. Simply stated, it works when nothing else did and without all the side effects of an antibiotic. The best part is that it does no harm to the stressed system. It breaks down into salt and water in the body after one and a half hours. Unlike the lingering side effects of drugs and antibiotics devastating aftermath, this product has proven to many as a life saver when all else has failed. I would challenge you to consider it a first resort rather than a last resort when dealing with infection.

So, here are some facts about MMS. Most of this you can research for yourself online. You will see pros and cons to this substance and will have to decide for yourself. Remember this, chlorine dioxide is produced naturally in your body already and is part of the immune process occurring naturally inside you.

MMS (Chlorine Dioxide) Facts

• MMS is not a drug, it is a mineral solution

• MMS has no nutritional value but is a powerful pathogen killer

• MMS is 22.4 percent Sodium Chlorite (NaClO2) which when activated with Citric Acid (C6H8O7) becomes Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) (powerful pathogen killer) + salt + water

• 3 drops MMS = 1 mg chlorine dioxide

• MMS has been used for water purification, hospital sterilization and many other antiseptic uses for more than 100 years

• Chlorine Dioxide (MMS) is registered by the FDA for MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus)

• MMS is a powerful oxidizer (oxygen atom accepts electrons and destroys poisons, neutralizes chemicals, kills parasites and releases heat energy)

• MMS destroys anaerobic and aerobic microorganisms including bacteria, fungus, mold, yeast and disease causing parasites without harming healthy cells and friendly bacteria, is completely non-toxic

• MMS prevents the formation of viral proteins, hence the virus cannot replicate

• MMS oxidizes heavy metals including mercury and lead

• MMS neutralizes poisons by oxidation including poisons generated by burns

• MMS remains effective in the body for one to two hours

• MMS breaks down into salt and water in the body with zero residual effects and no toxicity

• MMS performs from four hours to four weeks, but often less than one week

• MMS effect on plants:

Medical Fact

Over 975,000 people die in the U.S. each year needlessly due to medical drug-related causes.

So, as always, speak to your MD, DC, DO, Dentist, or holistic practitioner about what you can do to avoid the use of antibiotics and still protect yourself from infection when it occurs. If you would like more information about MMS, or would like to try the herbal combinations mentioned, or would like to discuss your health issues, you can come by our Wellness Center in Port Isabel, email us at or call the office at (956) 943-2300. Non-locals welcome. We ship to anywhere in the U.S.

Wellness is a choice, not a chance … Be well in 2013!

Editor’s Note: Dr. Susan Duve of the Duve Wellness Center & Natural Living Shoppe, located at 201 W. Queen Isabella, Port Isabel, can be reached at (956) 943-2300. Also, visit the website at

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