Rotary hosts new navigation district port director

Port Isabel/San Benito Navigation District Port Director Steven Bearden is shown speaking during a San Benito Rotary Club Meeting Thursday. (Staff photo by Francisco E. Jimenez)

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The new Port Isabel/San Benito Navigation District (PISBND) Port Director was the guest speaker at a San Benito Rotary Club meeting on Thursday, July 14.

Steve Bearden of Santa Rosa recently took over as Port Di­rector for the district, a position previously held by Bob Cor­nelison for approximately 30 years. At the meeting, Bearden gave a comprehensive presen­tation of the deep water port and his work as port director.

“It’s marketing, management of the assets of the port, making sure that the tenants have what they need, and maintaining the roads and equipment that be­long to the port, and manage­ment of the employees,” said Bearden to the Rotarians in at­tendance. “It’s a wonderful job. It’s a lot of activity that we’re creating. On the marketing side, it has been very challeng­ing, but we’re moving along.”

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